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I am a self-motivated web developer with a drive for solving problems. When working on a project, I am always optimistic about the outcome due to my natural intuition. The combination of my focus, attention to detail, and critical thinking makes me an asset to any team or environment.


Here are some of the projects I have been working on recently during my time as a profesional developer. Unfortunaely I have not had as much time for side projects and youtube videos as I would like, and some of my work that I have done can not be displayed publically. I am very proud of the work that I am able to display on this site at the present time and look forward to having the time to post more fun side projects and open source projects in the future.

My youtube channel dedicated to helping others learn in their coding journey as well as documenting what I'm learning.
Fogg is a component library with tools for rapidly building map applications.
Cirrus is a STAC-based processing pipeline. As input, Cirrus takes a GeoJSON FeatureCollection with 1 or more STAC Items. This input is run through workflows that generate 1 or more STAC Items as output. These output Items are added to the Cirrus static STAC catalog, and are also broadcast via an SNS topic that can be subscribed to for triggering additional workflows, such as keeping a dynamic STAC catalog up to date (for example, STAC-server).
An implementation of the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog API on top of NASA's Common Metadata Repository.


Over the years I have gained experience in Ā 

Front-End Development


  • AWS Cloud Practioner - April 2021
  • AWS Technical Professional - October 2019


BisonHacks 2018 | Second Place | Where It Matters - March 2018

DevFestDC Fall 2017 Firebase Hackathon | First Place | Chord - October 2017

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